La Luisa

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Tasting Notes

Concord Grape



Coffee Story
Don Juan Velez is a 5th generation farmer from the Antioquia area of Colombia. His family’s farm has been in operation since 1907 and he is now working with his son, Juan Pablo, to push the boundaries of special processes. The carbonic maceration process involves over 25 days and 600 hours of total treatment of the coffee in order to get a successful outcome. The coffee is fermented with yeast in a sealed tank for 7 days while still in cherry before being dried on raised beds for 20+ days. The final result is a naturally processed coffee that presents itself with a big body and enunciated acidity. Wine-like in its booziness, the extra care and attention to detail while fermenting this coffee is what really shines through while you’re taking the first few sips. The aroma smells like an Old Fashioned cocktail garnished with a maraschino cherry and as the coffee cools, the flavors change from tart raspberry to sweet chocolate and fresh concord grape. With the warm spring weather quickly approaching, the refreshing quality of this coffee could be thoroughly enjoyed by brewing over ice. As a cold coffee, expect notes of freshly squeezed cranberry juice, frozen blueberries and Dr. Pepper soda. This offering is incredibly unique and will be a stand out for the duration of its time with us.


Antioquia Colombia


Don Juan Velez


La Luisa




Carbonic Maceration Natural