La Papaya Washed

La Papaya has been producing coffee for right around 10 years and from the very start they have been a pioneer of coffee cultivation in the region. La Papaya is nestled in the southern Loja region of Ecuador where the dry rainforest climate of the Andes creates a great environment for growing specialty coffee. Due to the lower rainfall, the farm uses drip-irrigation system for all of the coffee plants on the farm. This ensures adequate water and allows the coffees to ripen on schedule.

Typica is one of the several varieties produced on La Papaya. They maintain a batch of coffee plants that are used specifically for seeds to preserve the genetics of the variety. This allows for a very clean coffee with distinct variety characteristics. The coffee is soaked in fresh water for 15 hours for a controlled fermentation after it is depulped and demucilaged. It is then taken to the farm’s dry rooms which are special greenhouses designed to control the humidity and temperature for optimal drying. The resulting cup is a delicate yet distinct display of the Typica variety with notes of Pear, Honey and Oolong


Loja, Ecuador






La Papaya


Juan Peña