La Vega

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Tasting Notes

Red Apple


Brown Sugar

Coffee Story

The coffee farm Finca la Vega was founded in 1992 by Jairo Taborda and Stella Rojas who after getting married decided to buy a small piece of land on a Colombian mountain located 1900 meters above sea level. Both Jairo and Stella grew up surrounded by coffee which had been a family business for three generations, therefore their decision on taking this path.

Today, Finca La Vega has a plantation of 13,000 trees and the family has grown up to five members, two sons and one daughter who are also 100% involved in the family business. The advantage of having highly nutritious soil and exceptional weather gives the coffee from Finca La Vega a combination of qualities that reflect in a clean, sweet, and fruity enjoyable cup.


Amaga, Antioquia Colombia


Taborda Rojas Family


La Vega


1800 - 1900masl


Red Honey


Castillo Rosario

Why 2.5lb Bags?

Honestly, it's the perfect amount of coffee for the week. Sure 12oz bags are the industry standard, but it just isn't enough. Between morning cups and afternoon iced coffees, 12oz bags just don't cut it. Especially if there is more than one coffee drinker in the house. Enjoy fresh coffee all week long when you order a 2.5lb bag.