Madre Laura Anaerobic Natural

$ 19.50
Tasting Notes

Grape Juice


Dark Chocolate

Coffee Story

Since 2014 we’ve partnered with Daniel Velasquez of Campesino Coffee to source high quality coffees from Colombia. Campesino Coffee has grown from a side project importing a few bags of green coffee a year, to one of the most respected organizations in Colombian coffee in just a few short years, and they help us source a majority of our Colombian coffee offerings. Campesino’s main warehouse is located in Jerico, Antioquia, Colombia; a small, Catholic Pueblo, home to Colombia’s only canonized saint, Madre Laura. The town maintains a rich coffee culture that radiates throughout the streets, making it a fitting place for Campesino to set-up a warehouse there in 2016, providing a new option for the farmers to sell their coffee at a higher price. They work with motivated and dedicated farmers that believe in the quality of their craft, supporting them with a coffee school and laboratory offering continuing education to producers and their families.

The Madre Laura project is a regional lot that pulls coffee from more than 120 small producers in the region. Most of these producers would not have access to the global coffee market on their own, so Campesino Coffee works with each producer to maximize harvest and processing quality to create a finished product that represents the region and all the hard work that goes into its coffee production.

The Madre Laura lot is generally focused on washed processing, but this year is the first time we’ve had access to a more experimental processing method, a 72 hour anaerobic natural process that bumped the cup score by an entire point. This quality and desirability boost allows the producers to increase their price by more than $2.30 per pound - a pricing increase that goes to fund more focus on quality improvements and builds resilience within this supply chain.

The coffee is super fresh-fruit-forward. The processing method makes the coffee a little funky and boozy, but in a way that only augments the flavor and body. This is a clean, exciting coffee that doesn’t shy away from being different.




200 Small Producers


Community Lot


1,900-2,000 masl


72 hr. Anaerobic Natural


Dos Mil, Caturra, Castillo