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Coffee Story

This Burundi harvest feels like putting a pin in 2021. I get it–we are halfway through 2022, why is this person talking about 2021? This is the last shipment coming to us from last years’ harvest cycle. Processing and exporting coffee is not a quick process. The added delays with logistics make it feel like years between tasting harvest samples and having that coffee at our roastery, but it isn’t years–just months; months where life happens and things change.

When I cupped these samples in October I was doing it alongside Moriah MacDermott. We had been working alongside each other for years. We shared a brain, and a wardrobe (most days we would show up wearing the same thing). Together we cupped, purchased, organized, and released all of our coffee. 

Since I last tasted this coffee, Moriah moved on to greener pastures in the coffee industry–back home with her family–and she is crushing it in Nashville now. I miss her. We all miss her.

She and I were both blown away by this harvest. The intensity and clarity of flavor was higher than years prior, and we waited with great anticipation for these lots. Fortunately when they finally arrived, these coffees were exactly like I remembered them.

This is our second year releasing a washed lot from the Masha Central Washing Station near Gatara in Kayanza, Burundi. It is densely flavorful - like a sangria with just enough wine to cover the fruit - and finishes with herbs and black tea.

If you are ever in Nashville lookup Moriah and tell her not to forget us.


Kayanza, Burundi






1700-1900 masl




Red Bourbon