Ngugu-Ini AB

Spring is my favorite time of year. Ephemeral pools full of tadpoles, wildflowers like trillium, and a few of my favorite fruits begin to trickle into season. It’s a time of adventure, discovery, and wonder. The combination of bird songs, and the smell of moss are a potent salve that never ceases to thaw out my heart after a long winter. 

As it happens, spring is also the time of year when the first arrivals from far away east Africa begin to arrive here at the roastery. One of the most beloved producing regions of the coffee world for me personally. Kenyan coffees have a personality all their own. In an ocean of stars, Kenyan coffees are an eclipse. They exist in a world all their own.

Ngugu-Ini is the first of many Kenyan coffees we will be sourcing and sharing this season. As such, there’s much excitement surrounding its debut. When the pallet first came off the truck, we couldn't help but immediately put in the roaster to see what this initial arrival had to bring to our lineup. When we cupped the roast the next day, we weren’t disappointed. The cup was soft and elegant; driven by a distinct and present, but not overwhelming tropical fruit acidity. When the cup cools, the light and delicate texture becomes slightly syrupy. These cup aspects are perfectly complemented by persistent flavors of ripe persimmon, and a slightly earthy finish of gingersnap that gives the cup complexity and intrigue. We couldn’t be happier to have this coffee be the first offering in what is already shaping up to be a memorable year in Kenyan coffee.