Process Collection: San Jose De Las Nubes

Washed Process  ·  Honey Process  ·  Natural Process
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featuring coffees from Finca San Jose De Las Nubes, Nicaragua:

Our relationship with Finca San Jose is one of our longest held farm partnerships, and the inspiration behind our series of processing collections. Over the years, as we built a foundation of trust with farm owners, Bayardo and Alvaro Reyes, we were able to work together to experiment with lot separation, fermentation, and alternative processing. We experienced both failure and success, but because of the trust we shared with the Reyes brothers, we were able to learn from our mistakes to improve upon our successes, leading to the three coffees featured in this collection. Prior to 2015, Finca San Jose produced only Washed Process coffees, but after two years of diligent work, perfecting harvesting and drying techniques, the farm is producing consistently excellent Honey and Natural Process coffees to diversify its offerings and highlight the potential of coffees from the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua.

Washed Process
Nectarine, Honey, Graham Cracker, Sage
The Washed Process is a coffee processing method where freshly harvested coffee cherries are milled to remove the outer skin of the fruit. The milled parchment-encased seeds are allowed to rest in large tanks for a short time, allowing the sugar-rich pulp to begin fermentation before the seeds are washed, sorted by density and set out on stone patios or raised beds to dry. Washed Process coffees are known for clarity of acidity and complexity of flavor.

Honey Process
Honeydew, Rose, Wafer
The Honey Process is a coffee processing method that combines components of Washed and Natural Processes. Freshly harvested coffee cherries are milled to remove the outer skin of the fruit, leaving the sticky, sugar-rich pulp on the parchment-encased seed. The pulp-covered seeds set out on raised beds and turned constantly as they dry, resulting in a softened acidity and a sweeter cup.

Natural Process
Plum Wine, Dried Strawberries, Fruit Cake
The Natural Process is the oldest method of processing coffee, where freshly harvested coffee cherries are immediately placed on stone patios or raised beds, fully intact, to dry in the sun much like raisins or prunes. The fruit dries onto the seed, imparting its flavor and sweetness, while also undergoing some fermentation, resulting in coffee that is somewhat unpredictable in flavor, but full of fruit notes, a subdued acidity, and a chocolatey body.


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