San Pedro Yosotatu

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Tasting Notes

Brown Sugar


Macadamia Nut

Coffee Story
This coffee comes to us from a small group of farmers in the remote community of San Pedro Yosotatu. This cooperative, led by Madelina Lopez, is primarily composed of women coffee growers and is situated in the Sierra Madre mountains of Oaxaca which rise from the valley reaching altitudes of 1800-1900 meters above sea level, providing ideal conditions for coffee growing. The land is lush and fruitful, with rows upon rows of fully shaded Pluma, Typica, and Bourbon coffee trees which have been growing in the area for the last seventy years. The farmers from Yosotatu are highly focused on quality and work together tirelessly to improve processing and drying techniques. The final result is made even more remarkable by their ability to separate certain lots in order to receive a fair pay for themselves and their community. 

This coffee is soft and approachable with sweet flavor notes throughout the cup. The balance between this sweetness and subtle fruit acidity is wonderful, and the aftertaste places a neat and tidy bow on top of the entire experience. Whether prepared via pour over device, pulled as a shot of espresso, or brewed over a small pile of ice, this coffee stands out for being clean and complex.


Oaxaca, Mexico




“Community” San Pedro Yosotatu






Pluma, Bourbon, Typica