Tadese Mamao

Lime Sorbet  ·  Passion Fruit  ·  Grenadine


Farm: Tadese Mamao
Mill: Chelchele Washing Station
Origin: Chelchele, Yirgacheffe
Varieties: Kume, Diga, Wolisho
Altitude: 2130masl
Process: Natural Process

Coffee Story
Brewing Notes

 The Tadese Mamao farm is located near the town of Chelchele, in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. If you follow the politics of coffee in Ethiopia at all, you'll know that seeing coffees from individual farms like Tadese Mamao is something all together new. Until late 2017 when the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) lifted restrictions on single farm microlot export, the closest we could get to full traceability was reserve lots from washing stations. In fact, we have featured microlots from the Chelchele Washing Station in the past, likely containing some coffee from Tadese Mamao. The eased restrictions have led to a flood of exciting single farm coffees coming out of Ethiopia, and this is one of our favorites from this year's harvest.

Tadese Mamao, like many individual farms in Ethiopia, is very small - just over two acres with a yearly production of just 600-700lbs. Another exciting aspect of being able to work with individual farms is specific delineation of coffee varietals. In the past, most Ethiopian lot offerings were listed as "Heirloom" because lots were pulled from dozens, sometimes hundreds of small farms, and it was impossible to trace exactly what varieties of coffees went into each blend. Now we know exactly what varieties of coffee plants are growing on each individual farm, allowing us to learn more about traits specific to each type of coffee featured.

This year's harvest of Tadese Mamao was processed using the Natural Process method with fifteen days drying on raised beds. You will find, however, that this coffee is incredibly clean and crisp, and presents more like a fruit-forward Washed Process coffee in the cup. The coffee is both tart and rich, like lime sorbet, and a tropical sweetness like passion fruit or grenadine.


Fruit-forward coffees like the Ethiopia Tadese Mamao are best brewed with filter hand pour methods like Hario V60 or Kalita Wave.