El Paraiso

Situated near the town of Buescao, in the Nariño department of Colombia, Finca Paraiso is in an ideal location for quality coffee cultivation. The farm rests at 1900masl and receives an average of 1800mm rainfall per year. In addition to coffee, the six and a half hectare farm produces oranges, lemons, avocados, and other produce.

Farm owner, Jose Gomez, was raised in a coffee growing family, giving him a keen eye for coffee quality. His Caturra, Gesha, and Castillo varieties are well received and respected for quality and consistency due to his high standards in harvesting, processing, and milling, all on the farm. 

We first started working with Jose Gomez 5 years ago when we got a shot at his first harvest of Gesha. It was such a memorable coffee–one of the most floral coffees we have ever tasted. Being the first roaster to contract and roast Jose’s Gesha, we were able to build a relationship that we have been thankful for ever since. It has evolved and expanded into us bringing in his washed Caturra, a wonderful example of both variety and place that holds it’s own unique characteristics and point of view that offers an interesting counterpoint to the washed Caturra we source from neighboring farm, El Obraje.

The owners of El Paraiso and El Obraje, Jose Gomez and Pablo Guerrero, are great friends, neighbors, and collaborators. In the past five years we have seen the fruits of their relationship with innovations and increases in quality. Both of these producers are taking care of their coffee from start to finish, carefully attending to all aspects of processing along the way. Rarely will you find producers processing and drying start to finish on the farm level, but it makes sense for these two. They are meticulous. This dedication and innovation comes through in the cup, and it is a pleasure to be in partnership with both Jose and Pablo.


Narino, Colombia






El Paraiso


Jose Gomez