"The Secret Farm"

The Reyes brothers love Maragogype. They talk about it all the time. They claim that everyone in Nicaragua loves Maragogype — who knows if thats true or just enthusiastic hyperbole. We’ve tasted some Nicaraguan Maragogype before but it never grabbed our attention, but this — this coffee was fantastic, but where did it come from? We know Finca San Jose well, and there is no Maragogype planted there. Thats when we learned about the “secret farm” — because there is always a little bit more to the story with the Reyes brothers.

Maragogype is a variety of coffee tree that grows quite tall and produces an exceptionally large coffee cherry and seed. A Maragogype coffee seed is often up to double the size of a standard coffee seed. The resulting cup, at its best, is bright and vibrant in acidity with zippy fruit flavors and a clean, crisp finish. The Maragogype from the “secret farm”, known as Las Flores, was exceptional, and we knew we wanted to share it with our customers so we asked the Reyes brothers to include it with our contracted coffee for the year. Now we are proud to share that coffee with you.

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Introducing Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil is the manifestation of our memories about coffee. It’s the coffee our grandfathers drank from dusty mugs in the wood shop. It’s the coffee slowly simmering in the percolator on our grandmothers’ stove. It warmed our hands on chilly mornings fishing on the lake, and kept us going as we learned how to clean a carburetor on our first car.

We drank Midnight Oil throughout the night studying for exams, and it fueled our hopeful conversations with friends about our plans for the future. We drank Midnight Oil at diners over eggs, at weddings, at funerals, and driving through the night to celebrate old friendships almost forgotten.

Midnight Oil is the cup of coffee that helps fuel our passion, whatever that passion happens to be. It keeps us going through the evening and into the night when others would be content to watch TV or turn in early. It’s simple, familiar, and easy to appreciate, allowing us to focus on creating, building, writing, designing — no matter what, it is a constant companion.

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