The New Handshake Quarterly Vol. 5

Spotlighting El Salvador

Our trips to El Salvador over the years have introduced us to some great farmers, educated us on their day to day, and how together we can help each other grow. Read all about one such relationship in our newly released Handshake Quarterly.

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We’re proud of these partnerships like the ones we've built in El Salvador and will continue to work to build and nourish them with as many farmers as possible.


Hosted by us, in Richmond, VA September 6th-8th.

Compete, judge, or volunteer in any of the three categories.

Barista - Competitors will have 7 minutes to make espressos and milk beverages for 2 sensory judges.

Brewer's Cup - Competitors will have 8 minutes to make 2 individual brewed coffees for 2 sensory judges.

Coffee In Good Spirits - Competitors will have 6 minutes to make 2 individual brewed coffee and alcohol cocktails for 2 taste judges. 

In addition to competition, there will be events, throwdowns, coffee shop crawls, educational opportunities, and of course, parties to occupy your time. Richmond's coffee scene is rich, diverse, and worth exploring, so come ready to get caffeinated, make new friends, and maybe go home a champion!