Visit Our Richmond, VA Cafes

Forest Hill Cafe

4930 Forest Hill Ave
Mo-Fr 7-12 / Sa 8-5 / Su 8-2

Across the street from our original roastery this space has a special place in our heart. It's home to one of our vending machines and is always projecting new footage from our farming partners.

Morris St. Coffee Store

26 North Morris Street
Mo-Su 8-2

Just a few blocks from campus this space serves as our testing ground for new products, drinks, and food items. Want to see what is next? Visit our Morris St. Cafe; order a drink and enjoy our patio and the park next door.

Broad Street Cafe

3121 W Broad Street
Mo-Fr 7-5 / Sa 8-5 / Su 8-2

Our first cafe is in the heart of our hometown and located right across the street from Scott's Addition. A big open space filled with great coffee, all our most popular products, and great neighbors .

Explore Our Handshake Quarterlies

After The Farm

Volume 11 digs into the history of one of our most popular blends, the updates we've made to our Decaf, and explains the journey each of those coffees take after it leaves the farm. Plains, trains, and automobiles throughout this issue.

Behind Broad Street

Our cafe on Broad Street was our first foray into opening a fully fledged cafe. We assembled a great team to make it happen and this issues covers the whole process, from construction to opening the doors.

Forging Relationships

We've worked with lots of farms over the years, some for a season or two, others year after year. Finca El Obraje is the latter. This issue documents one of our trips to the farm and covers a few of the projects we've worked on together.