Green Coffee

Are you an Importer, Exporter, Farmer, or just a friend of someone who is?

We would love to work with you.

To ensure a prompt response, please adhere to these guidelines:

Please send 100-gram green coffee samples to our address at 1903 A Westwood Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23227.

Information that will assist us in evaluating your samples:

Sample Type: Specify if it's a Type Sample, Offer, Spot Offer, Pre-ship, Arrival, or Evaluation.
Origin: Where is the coffee sourced from?
Farm: Share details about the coffee farm.
Farmer: Tell us about the person/people behind this coffee.
Altitude: The altitude at which the coffee is grown.
Process: Describe the coffee processing method.
Variety: Indicate the coffee bean variety.
Price: Your pricing information.
Quantity: How much coffee is available?
Harvest Date: When was the coffee harvested?

Be sure to provide your address, email, and phone number for easy communication.

Please ensure this information accompanies your coffee sample. We commit to providing you with valuable feedback within 2 weeks of receiving your sample.

Contact Email: