Blanchard’s Blend

$ 12.90
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Coffee Story

The everyperson's coffee. Sometimes you just want a great, hot cup of coffee - no frills - just a mug of something that wakes you up, warms you up, and perhaps takes you back to some pleasant memory. We know that many of the best coffee memories aren't about complex flavor notes, they're simply about sharing a good cup of coffee with a friend. Blanchard's Blend was designed with all of this in mind - a straight forward medium roast coffee that fits most situations and pleases most palates.

More Than A Breakfast Blend

It's hard to escape terms like House Blend or Breakfast Blend as shorthand for a crowd-pleaser blend in the coffee consuming world. Coffees with those titles often get a bad reputation because of all the terrible hotel room and gas station cups out there with the same name, but a great tasting, easy to appreciate house coffee is a valuable tool for a coffee roaster.

Prior to our first major brand overhaul in 2014 we tried both of these blend names on our retail bags, but despite the coffee tasting great, sales never took off compared to more popular blends like Dark as Dark. Breakfast Blend just isn’t cool.

Despite being off the coffee roster for over seven years, the ghost of Breakfast Blend still haunts the Blanchard’s Coffee team on a daily basis. The invoicing code for Blanchard’s Blend is still BFST (BreakFaST), and all the older staffers have that code permanently ingrained in their minds, so try as they might to update our internal shorthand to BLAB (BLAnchard’s Blend), the production team still sees BFST make regular sharpie-scribble appearances throughout the day.

When we were brainstorming what we wanted Blanchard’s Blend to be, our hope was to offer a coffee blend that would taste great in just about every coffee brewer and would be best enjoyed in a chunky diner mug beside a big plate of eggs and fried potatoes. This was about the same time Chef Kevin Roberts was reopening the iconic Perly’s Deli in downtown Richmond. When Perly’s approached us to provide coffee to accompany their famous breakfast menu, we knew Blanchard’s Blend had found its home. To this day, Perly’s is one of our highest volume restaurant accounts and alongside a Benny Goodman or Corned Beef Hash plate, there is no better mug of coffee in town.