Finca Las Piedras

Finca Las Piedras in Huila, Colombia, produces a unique coffee that is elevated by its meticulous processing techniques. Through a carefully crafted washed double fermentation process, the coffee undergoes a 40-hour fermentation in cherry, followed by an additional 40 hours in mucilage, resulting in a unique flavor and complexity. This extended fermentation period allows the beans to develop some distinct fruit notes while maintaining their inherent sweetness, creating a clean, balanced cup.

Producer, Rodrigo Perefan, grows multiple varieties on his farm. This coffee is a blend of Pink Bourbon, Castillo, F6, and Caturra. This mix of varieties gives an interesting depth of floral and tea notes to this fruit-natured coffee. These flavors are great for welcoming the warm spring weather as it brews a great iced brew as well as a clean pourover. This coffee is giving notes of hibiscus, red apple, and black tea.


Huila, Colombia


Washed Double Fermentation


F6, Castillo, Pink Bourbon, Caturra


Finca Las Piedras


Rodrigo Perefan