Partner Feature: Little House Green Grocery

Partner Feature: Little House Green Grocery

Jan 15, 2018Stephen Robertson

In 2012, Virginia native, Erin Wright opened the doors to Little House Green Grocery; the culmination of years of experience organizing farmers markets, lobbying local government to support urban agriculture, and simply being in tune with local agriculture, food trends, and the community around her.

Located on Bellevue Avenue in the historic North Side neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, Little House quickly became an integral part of the surrounding community. There was a time when multiple local grocers occupied the small retail strip, but in recent years, the area has lacked a nearby source for fresh, quality food. As the North Side and Lakeside neighborhoods have become increasingly desirable for young families, Little House Green Grocery has filled a great need in offering a curated selection local products from meat and produce to beer and wine, and of course, coffee.

Little House Green Grocery has featured Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co. prominently since day one. Erin, already a fan of our coffee, approached us prior to opening Little House, and our partnership has been strong ever since. In addition to a great selection of our most popular blends, Little House brews Bellevue Blend, a coffee we roast exclusively for them, each day for customers to purchase and drink while they shop. Over the years, we've partnered on a number of successful projects, including a co-branded Imperial Coffee Stout with Ardent Craft Ales, Christmas Gift Boxes, and of course, the Bellevue Blend available exclusively in Little House Green Grocery.

Over the years, we've been proud to watch Erin and her business thrive. A few years back when a fire destroyed part of the business and forced it to close for several months, we were heartened to see the community come together to support Erin and her staff as they rebuilt, proving how valuable Little House is to its neighborhood. We've also learned over the years that more so than any other neighborhood in Richmond, the community around Little House loves dark roasted coffee. We guess this might have something to do with the number of young families with new babies moving into the neighborhood. 

If you haven't yet visited Little House Green Grocery, mark your calendar to pay them a visit. Even if you live outside of the North Side, it is worth the trip to see the vibrant offerings so many of Virginia's producers. Take a moment to talk with Erin and her staff, all of whom are kind, welcoming, and incredibly knowledgable about all of the products in the store, as well as local agriculture and producers in general. Be sure to tell them we sent you, and of course, grab a cup of coffee while you're there.

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