Partner Feature: Golf Park Coffee

Partner Feature: Golf Park Coffee

Jul 23, 2018Stephen Robertson

Back in October of 2014, we were visited by a couple of guys from Lynchburg, Virginia who were looking for a coffee roaster they could partner with to start a cold brew company. Their idea was simple — they would produce cold brew from their home, bottle it in growlers, and share it with the community on designated pick-up days. Adam and Ben, the founders of Golf Park Coffee, named for the street address where they got their start, had a relaxed approach to their business that was immediately appealing. They simply wanted to build community in a town they loved, and cold brew coffee seemed like an easy way to do that.

At that time, cold brew wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is now. The market wasn’t saturated with cans, bottles, cartons, and kegs of cold coffee yet. A lot of shops and roasters were making their own cold brew to serve, but there weren’t a lot of options if you wanted to have cold brew at home without the hassle of making it yourself. We liked the Golf Park guys’ idea of treating cold brew as some sort of combination of a farm CSA, and the milkman of the early 20th century — come out to Golf Park Road on Cold Brew day, snag a couple growlers of coffee, see some friends, and head back home for the evening.

So, Adam and Ben placed their first order and began making outstanding cold brew coffee for their community. We appreciated that Golf Park shared our commitment to interesting, traceable, sustainable coffees — always leaning towards our most exciting, seasonal, single origin selections. We watched their orders get larger as their business grew, and shared in their excitement as new opportunities arose, like co-branded retail bags, and a rad new cold brew bike for serving events and farmers markets. So when Adam and Ben reached out to say they were thinking about taking the next big step and opening a full fledged brick and mortar coffee shop, we were immediately on board to help.

Golf Park had identified a location for their shop in an old, mid-century building just outside of downtown Lynchburg in an area that was ripe for revitalization. The building was currently used as a co-working space, and was surrounded by residential, schools, and a number of vacant lots and buildings already slated for redevelopment. Lynchburg, Virginia has a surprisingly vibrant coffee scene, so Golf Park had to come out of the gates with a beautiful space serving outstanding coffee — they did not disappoint.

The Golf Park Coffee space is elegantly simple, relying on clean lines and an abundance of windows to create a vibe that is instantly soothing, while limitlessly Instagrammable. The coffee bar is small and functional, leaving the large room open for customers to move around and find their favorite spot to linger. Our only complaint is that Lynchburg is a two hour drive from Richmond, meaning we won’t be able to visit Golf Park Coffee on a daily basis. If you find yourself in Lynchburg, however, make sure to pay them a visit:

Golf Park Coffee
2306 Bedford Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24503

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