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Farm To Cup

Mastering coffee preparation begins with understanding coffee as an agricultural product. Our education and training programs, led by Specialty Coffee Association certified trainers, begin with following the coffee seed from farm to cup, including growing regions and practices, processing methods, roasting, and finally, extraction technique.


Applied Barista Techniques

With a strong foundation in general coffee knowledge and extraction science provided by our Farm to Cup program, our trainers work with baristas of any skill level, from any background, to develop and hone espresso and milk preparation technique. Applied Barista Technique can be taught on site in your location, or at the Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co. Training Lab in Richmond, Virginia.


Continuing Assessment

Creating memorable coffee experiences for your customers requires quality and consistency of both product and service. We regularly assess total customer experience with our clients to ensure our coffee is prepared properly and baristas are providing excellent customer service. When issues are identified, we work with business owners and managers to correct them on the spot, or with scheduled, in depth training.



Making great coffee starts with great tools. From simple coffee service for an office or small restaurant, to a full scale coffee shop featuring espresso, pour over, batch brew, and cold brew, you will get better results with less effort from an equipment package designed specifically for your needs. Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Co. represents the following equipment manufacturers and suppliers:

La Marzocco
Nuova Simonelli
Espresso Parts


Shop Design

We work with each client to design an equipment package that meets all the project’s performance and budgetary needs, while working directly with the client’s architects and contractors to design an equipment layout that best serves both the customer and staff.