We are coffee roasters; that shapes who we are as a company and as a brand. We love the craft of coffee roasting and we believe we bring something special to it. We are keenly aware that, as coffee roasters, we have the ability to help or hurt the quality of a coffee just in the techniques we use and the profiles we develop. There is a lot of power in that ability, and it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that coffee roasting is some mysterious art form, and a coffee roaster can magically transform any green coffee into a desirable coffee masterpiece. The reality, however, is that the heart of roasting great coffee is good sourcing.

We approach coffee with a balance of the objective and the emotional—the bullet point details of a coffee’s origin and flavor profile balanced with the feelings evoked when we share it with friends. We approach sourcing green coffee with a similar balance: one of accountability and relationships. Accountability in coffee sourcing means transparency, and fair, quality-based pricing to build sustainability and resilience throughout the supply chain. Relationships allow us to attach a face and a name to that accountability, and tell a compelling story that allows our customers to connect to the farmers who grow the coffee they drink. It is easy for roasters to glamorize this process and use it purely as a marketing tool, but we strive to build something deeper; meaningful relationships built on handshakes and face to face interaction.

Still, we are a small company, and as much as we’d love to, we cannot afford to have a full time staff traveling globally to manage every coffee transaction from start to finish. Instead, we have built a network of buyers and importers who share our values and vision, and are able to help us build strong, lasting relationships with farmers and cooperatives around the world. The beautiful thing about coffee is that when it is done right, it can have a positive effect on a global scale, supporting fragile communities and rebuilding exploited ecosystems. Through relationships and accountability we’re constantly working to improve the way we source coffee for our customers to ensure it will be available to share for many years to come.