Catalan de las Mercedes

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A full container of coffee from Nico Hammond’s farm in San Martin Jilotepeque is a telltale sign that fall is in full swing. Catalan de Las Mercedes is located in Chimaltenango, which is situated in the south central region of Guatemala. It’s always around this time of year we are receiving the remaining bulk of fresh green coffee to carry us through the winter and into next year. We’ve continued to deepen our partnership with Nico, committing to a container of coffee consistently over the last few seasons. This year is no exception. We received a multitude of offerings from Catalan de Las Mercedes, and the lineup has a good mix of hearty blend components and unique single origins. When our roasting team cupped all of Nico's coffees side by side, one lot stood out– the Catalan De Las Mercedes Pacamara Washed. This big bean hybrid variety was originally developed in El Salvador, crossing genetics of the Pacas (Bourbon variety mutation) and Maragogype (Typica variety mutation) varieties. 

Larger bean varieties are less common, have distinct flavors, and deserve celebration. The hallmarks of a pacamara are an intense aroma, creamy texture, and gentle acidity. In the cup you’ll experience a silky, medium body with notes of yellow and orange stone fruit and citrus. The finish is slightly floral, lasting, and sweet like wildflower honey or blue agave. Overall, a beautiful and approachable cup. It’s got some zip to keep you on your toes, but is still deeply sweet and cozy for the season.


San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango


Nico Hammond and Ruth Maria de las Angeles Martinez


Catalan de las Mercedes


1800-2200 masl