San Jose Maragogype Natural

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The Finca San Jose Estate is situated just north of Matagalpa in North-Central Nicaragua. This area is the most desirable coffee farming land in Nicaragua due to its altitude and climate diversity. The topography creates numerous microclimates that allow single hillsides to have distinct growing conditions conducive to many different coffee varieties and a wide range of results within those varieties.

We’ve worked with the Reyes brothers, Bayardo and Alvaro, at Finca San Jose De Las Nubes for nearly a decade now. After a few years of purchasing coffee from San Jose, we began conducting processing experiments with the Reyes' coffee. Our favorite of the experiments this year was the anaerobic natural process of their Maragogype variety.

We have purchased this Maragogype variety from San Jose for a few years now, but it hasn’t been ready to release to the public. The trees were young and needed time to mature, but this year’s harvest paired with this processing method is the right combination to share with you. The cherries were picked ripe, sealed in barrels for 72hrs, and then dried on raised beds for 28 days. A master-stroke that brought out all of the vibrancy and nuance for which this coffee is so coveted.


Matagalpa, Nicaragua


Bayardo and Alvaro Reyes


San Jose




Anaerobic Natural