Oct 08, 2017David Blanchard

Ratio - 30g coffee / 500 g water

Grind - Medium

Brew time - 3 -4 mins


1.Bring water to a boil
2. Insert filter into Kalita
3.Rinse filter with hot water by pouring in the center so not to collapse the ridges of the filter
4. Add 30g ground coffee to the filter
5. Start a timer and pour 75g of water fully saturating the grounds.  Allow 30 seconds to bloom.
6. Pour 125g of water in spiral starting in the center finishing at the edge
7. At 1:15 pour 100g of water in a spiral
8. At 2:00 pour 100g of water in a spiral
9. At 2:30 pour 100g of water in a spiral
10. Brew is finished when the steady stream slows to a drip
11. Swirl or stir before enjoying

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Oct 08, 2017
Oct 08, 2017