Lomo Bonita

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A few years back I had no idea our southern neighbor produced so much incredible coffee. Fast forward to now, and Mexico is one of our roasting team’s most highly anticipated origins. More specifically, we’ve really taken to the region of Oaxaca. This coastal area is situated in the southern part of Mexico, and is the country's third largest producer of coffee behind Chiapas and Veracruz. Red Fox Coffee has been doing excellent work in Oaxaca, bringing in amazing coffees from this on origin, and allowing us to share the good stuff with all of you.

Oaxaca’s got range. Their coffees are both distinctive and dynamic. It’s difficult to generalize an entire region's vibe in one go, but if I had to give an elevator pitch here’s what I’d say: “texture and balance are the standout qualities.” I typically experience a silky body, with round sweetness, backed by soft yellow and orange fruits. 

This coffee from Andrea Féria Garcia of Loma Bonita farm has familiar characteristics of this region while also expanding on them and ultimately setting itself apart. We do choose favorites sometimes and this coffee was ours from this year's harvest in Oaxaca. It is perfectly approachable, but also carries a dynamic finish of stone fruit and light florals that keeps you excited. 

I was fortunate enough to have traveled to Oaxaca City recently, and got to immerse myself in its culture. The food, the art, the mezcal, and the coffee all blew me away. Though what stuck out to me most was the hospitality and everyone's tendency to live slow. I can’t wait to go back again.

Alyssa Evangelista


Oaxaca, Mexico


Andrea Feria Garcia


Loma Bonita


1850 masl




Bourbon, Typica