Ratio - 42g coffee / 700 g water

Grind - Medium/ Coarse

Brew time - 4- 5 mins


1. Bring water to a boil
2. Open filter and place in Chemex so the side with 3 flaps is on the spouted side
3. Rinse filter thoroughly with hot water(Chemex filters are very thick!)
4. Add 42g ground coffee to filter
5.Start a timer and pour 100g of water fully saturating the grounds.  Allow 30 seconds to bloom
6.Pour 400g water in concentic circles focusing mostly in a half-dollar-sized radius
7. Let drain until 1:30 then pour 100g of water every 30 seconds until total water is poured is 700g
8.  If the brew is draining too slow or chokes, give the slurry a stir to loosen it up.
9. Brew is finished when the steady stream slows to a drip
10. Swirl or stir before enjoying

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